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Write Custom Essay Super Structure

Hi everyone it’s nice to see you again my name is Jay and one of the teachers at e2 language. What are we gonna do in this live super skills class we’re going to look at write custom essay and I’m gonna teach you how to write custom essay sentence […]

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Creative Essay Writing Tips Part 2

We write this essay that clock is still ticking down this is the overall essay structure sentence by sentence let me talk you through it just briefly before we look at it in detail first thing is the introduction one two three sentence introduction you will then move into paragraph […]

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Creative Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing doesn’t take long to prepare; you don’t need to write up a big plan or do anything sophisticated. Do we need to get your thoughts together before you start hiding what you can do is just you’re nervous and you just start typing and your essay just goes […]

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College Personal Statement FAQs

What do I need a college personal statement for? A college personal statement is the part of your application when you can “speak” to admissions officers as to the strength of your candidacy. It speaks of your singular story, what you want to convey to assure your acceptance. It often […]

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Believe me when I say that I have learned how to manage my time. I have basically become an expert at it. Going to school four days a week, taking 16 credit hours, being the Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper, and working 25-30 hours a week; managing time has become second […]

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Learning on a Whole New Level

Partnering with the city of St. Peters, SCC is building an outdoor classroom in Rabbit Run Park. Chris Breitmeyer, SCC’s Dean of Math, Science, and Health, is one of the main people in charge. “My goal is to have a building site there by the spring semester. The overall timeline […]

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College Advice for Freshmen! 10 Tips & Tricks

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