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Essay writing doesn’t take long to prepare; you don’t need to write up a big plan or do anything sophisticated. Do we need to get your thoughts together before you start hiding what you can do is just you’re nervous and you just start typing and your essay just goes new crash you shouldn’t do that you need to stop and go.

Therefore, you need a great conclusion because if you have a conclusion you have a pathway to get there let’s stop and think there is a question or two questions you need to ask yourself, you need to choose a side. All you need to ask yourself this is the central question because you need to choose a side before you start writing by the way what we’re going to do in this one is I’ve chosen this side what am I done I’ve chosen this side here we’re going to argue for number one if you want to do this again in your own time you can write this essay again and go for number two but let’s together we’re going to choose this one that eventually all work will be done by robots that’s our blue site so we’re on that side today that’s the essay that we’re going to write we’re going to argue for that but we need a structure the simple structure.

We’re going to have a four paragraph essay: an intro paragraph one two in a conclusion fine that’s easy but what’s inside all of this well actually before I do that I always get questions like J do I have to argue for both sides or can I argue for and for or against and against and here’s the answer to that question you can’t argue like this you can argue side one side two and then come to a conclusion you can argue side two and then side one and then come to a conclusion you can argue both for side one or you can argue both for side two

The possible structural combinations for your essay what we’re going to do today is this one here we’re going to do this one I personally think it’s probably easier to do both sides of the argument and then come to the conclusion plus I think that will get you a higher score because you’re showing off your sophisticated thinking because you can see both sides of the argument you can just argue for one side but I do think that this is probably a better sort of structure to follow.

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