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Believe me when I say that I have learned how to manage my time. I have basically become an expert at it. Going to school four days a week, taking 16 credit hours, being the Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper, and working 25-30 hours a week; managing time has become second nature in my hectic life.

There are four basic things that will help anyone manage time. One, make a to-do list. Two, prioritize. Three, keep a planner(s). Four, do not stress. If you can do these things, then you can manage time.

The number one thing that will help you manage time is to make a to-do list. If you are anything like me, you like to write down all of the tasks you have to do and then cross them off as you go. That helps me remember everything that needs to be done, and then as I cross it off my list it helps me feel like I have accomplished something.

Once you have your list of tasks, prioritize them. Figure out with ones are going to require the most time and which ones are the most important. When it comes to homework, for example, I write down my assignments by class and when it comes to doing the assignment I decide which one to do first based on the day that I have the class and when the assignment is due.

A lot, not all, but a lot of college students are working while going to school. If that is the case I suggest keeping two planners; one for school and one for work. It has been a life saver. In my one planner I write down the days I work, the time, and the department I am in. In my other planner I write down all of my homework and all of my due dates, quiz dates, and test dates. If you know your work schedule in advance, which I am sure most people do, then this will help you prioritize the things you need to accomplish in that week. For example, I know that I work early Monday and that I am off Tuesday and Wednesday, so I will be doing math homework and Spanish homework on Monday night and I am going to attempt to relax on Tuesday.

Relaxing. You have to do it. If you have a crazy, busy schedule then it is inevitable that you are going to get stressed out and frustrated. I know that I get stressed and frustrated a lot… A lot less then I used to. Do what you can and that is it. It is not worth being upset all of the time. If you have too big of a work load ask your work to cut back your hours or maybe take less credits in the fall. A suggestion would be to knock a class or two out of the way in the summer, that way you can focus on one less during the fall.

Lastly, you need to make you time. Try to take at least one day where you do nothing. Just sit and relax! With the weather getting nicer maybe you can plan to have a BBQ or a picnic with some friends. During the weekend do not make it all about homework, set aside times to do your homework and to be with friends, family, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Remember, we only live once, live your life to the fullest and live everyday like it is your last.

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