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Hi everyone it’s nice to see you again my name is Jay and one of the teachers at e2 language. What are we gonna do in this live super skills class we’re going to look at write custom essay and I’m gonna teach you how to write custom essay sentence by sentence and I really mean that in fact I’m gonna show you how to write the introduction sentence by sentence paragraph one sentence by sentence to sentence by sentence and the conclusion.

Get out your pen and paper or you can type this onto your laptop or whatever you want to do but please let’s write this custom essay together from beginning to end. There’s really only one way to learn how to write a good custom essay and that’s to write you can’t learn this stuff through theory it’s not theory it’s applied practice you put your pen to the ground that’s what you have to do so let’s do it so 19 minutes and 59 seconds left away we go we are sitting in the PT and we have just sat down and there’s the right essay prompt and the clock immediately ticks down from 20 minutes.

 What are you going to do if you go in with a structure, if you go in with a plan you can nail this thing in 20 minutes and you can get a high score if you’re go in unprepared then you’re well you might be in trouble you might be in trouble first thing you need to do is look at that question prompt and you need to look at it carefully here is an example question prompt. I’m going to read it to you you’ll notice that it has three parts but it’s only really this parts important this part is just generic it’s always in all of the question prompts and this part you just well you know that you need to write a custom essay between 200 and 300 fine so we really have to look at this part closely. It says artificially intelligent robots are increasingly taking human jobs.

Some people believe that eventually all work will be done by robots while others believe that there will be a limit to the tasks that robots can perform so we can automatically see that we’re going to have two sides to the argument people believe that all jobs will be done by robots in the future some people believe that some jobs will always be done by humans and robots will never do them call let’s keep thinking about this. You’ll notice that this question prompt has well sort of three parts the first sentence is always going to be a general statement actually I won’t say always going to be because sometimes the question prompts change but generally the first sentence will be a general statement, it’s important to understand this because we’re going to use this in our conclusion and introduction.

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